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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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Violette Tonuzi- Newsletter Editor

Being an independent thinker means being your authentic self! Many clients sit in our chairs and sayso and so doesn't like my hair that way and my kid likes it long and my boyfriend wants me to be a redhead and so on..... free yourself from the invisible shackles that you placed on your individuality. Be you , because everyone else is already taken! What a beautiful feeling to make a decision about a color or cut and get it right, or wrong. You are the boss of your hair! Even if you made a mistake, you can always grow it out or re-color it but what you cant cut off, is you! Make your ideas , thoughts and desires count over everyone else's! Remember this is your life, your image.You matter. Free yourself! Live independently of others ideas of you...

Happy Independence !

Summer hair is lighter, longer, and meant to look relaxed & never stiff.

Lisa Fragomeni says- Hair Fashionista @vtsalon

Let your hair be! If its wavy or curly like mine, let it wave. If its naturally straight, leave it alone and let the summer vibes take over. You are your hair! What is your hair saying about you after all?

Smooth out your heavenly waves this summer with a Brazilian blow out! Check out the summer promo on the last page.

Let's think Shag again!

Any length will work. This is hotter than ever this summer. Short to long, you choose. When I was 13 years old my aunt visited the U.S from France and only spoke french.At that point, I had forgotten french almost completely. The Shag was all the rage in Paris that year. As she was cutting my hair (It runs in my genes), and after she detailed the cut, she gestured to me long or short? I said long but as luck would have it, she thought I meant short. So, I sported a short French shag all summer and everyone loved it. I'm sure that was the year I decided to become a hairstylist!

Have you noticed hair falling out?

Have you been asking yourself why your hair feels thinner or dryer or just not the same as it was pre Covid? Well you're not alone. I would have to say that 6 of 10 clients have complained to me over the last few months that they have experienced hair loss, dryness and the list goes on. It is most certainly a product of worry, stress and fear. We have all been through unthinkable times. Get yourself a good hair vitamin and be ritualistic about taking it. A three month supply for now would be great. Ween off of it only after you are seeing and feeling results. I use Hum vitamins but there are better ones out there. I honestly love the gummy taste of Hum. I may upgrade when I run out for a more serious brand. DM me if you want to know the best ones out there. Its different for everyone.

  • Don't over wash your hair

  • Use a wearable hair treatment like a leave in Conditioner

  • Meditate

  • Yoga or any other stress relieving movement exercise

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