The Chic Herald - June 2021

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

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Violette Tonuzi - Newsletter Editor

There is so much to be proud of this pride. Being out and proud with so much support. It wasn't like this in the 70's that's for sure!

I wish everyone a safe, gay pride! For those of you that are transitioning, I wish you abundant love, support and acceptance .

VT Salon and the entire beauty industry support your individuality.

My sister is a Gemini

Knowing her as a Gemini, I believe that you wildly intelligent people are very adventurous and have a wonderful pallet for fine cuisine. If you know a Gemini, stay away from a debate, you will lose! They have a razor sharp tongue when necessary and need to have the last word. If they need to win, they will. They do have a big heart but not when it comes to politics. Don't mess with a Gemini, they could chew you up and spit you out like a bad meal that they detest but are game for. On the other hand, they are not 2 faced at all. They have 2 personalities and they both surface when needed.They are devoted to their families, friends and their careers. I love Geminis for their courage and strength. Not all Geminis but most! : ) World travelers! Good love match is Libra and Aquarius. Most difficult is Sagittarius.

Long bohemian layers are always beautiful in the summer.

Bangs are a hit until its too hot.

A short off the neck Vidal Bob is always a stunner.

Blonde beats every color in the summer. Not only because other colors slip out in 90 degrees quicker, but because even a slight blonde money piece streak will be a big hit!

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